Thank you for your interest in the BCase™ Early Access Program!


Information about the program: 


The BCase™ Early Access Program is an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first people to ever use BCase™. As a member of the program, you will receive a beta version of BCase™ to use for one month. When the month is over, you will get the chance to provide feedback to the BCase™ team, so they can take it into consideration for future designs. To thank you for supporting us in the BCase™ Early Access Program, you will receive a free BCase™ when the finalized product arrives! 


Perks of the program: 

- Be one of the first people to ever use BCase™. 

- Provide feedback to the BCase™ team that will be taken into consideration for future designs. 

- Receive a BCase™ swag bag.


BCase™ is the first of its kind. It provides accessible, discreet, and secure birth control pill storage. BCase™ easily attaches to your current phone or phone case via the peel-to-stick adhesive backing. 

BCase™ Early Access Program

  • Product Dimensions: 112mm X 72.88mm X 8mm

    Max Birth Control Pill Pack Dimensions: 101.5mm X 68.75mm X 4.5mm

    Max Operating Temperature: 270 °F


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