BCase™ is the solution to never forgetting to take your birth control again! BCase™ is the first of its kind. It provides accessible, discreet, and secure birth control pill storage. BCase™ easily attaches to your current phone or phone case via the peel-to-stick adhesive backing. 


  • Product Dimensions: 112mm X 72.88mm X 8mm

    Max Birth Control Pill Pack Dimensions: 101.5mm X 68.75mm X 4.5mm

    Max Operating Temperature: 270 °F


  • READ CAREFULLY. Although we have added silicone lining for the protection of your birth control pills, it is your responsibility to keep your case out of direct sunlight. Medsur Inc. is not responsible for any damage to your birth control pills. The birth control pills can become damaged if exposed to too much heat. 

    Birth control pills that have been exposed to extreme temperatures might show the following signs: 

    • Pills stick together 

    • Changes in color

    • Changes in odor

    • Chipped pills

    • Pills softer or harder than normal

    If you notice any of these signs, throw away your birth control pills and start a new pack. Heat damage directly impacts the functionality of the medication and can lead to the pills becoming ineffective.

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